Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Personalizing A Uniform- Part One

Hey everyone!

Continuing my Back To School Week here, this is the first in a two-part post about personalizing a uniform. I have been going to private school my whole life and have had to wear a uniform through all of it, so I’ve picked up a few tricks on showing my style while keeping with the dress code. (Wow, do I sound like one of those magazines, like “7 ways to go back to school in style!”, LOL!) And even if you don’t wear a uniform, hopefully you’ll see a cute accessory you like.

First, this is what I have to work with: either an oxford or polo shirt (spirit shirt on Friday!!) and either a gray or navy skirt, or navy or khaki shorts. I chose the long-sleeved blue oxford shirt and gray skirt, because this is my personal favorite combination.  
Boring blah uniform

Now, let’s start with the hair- I usually pull mine up into a ponytail or just leave it down, so I can use a hair ribbon or a pretty headband. For something extra-cool, you can use a hair band with a cute flower or something else sewn on! There are so many cute patterns and bright colors available, this should be something easy to find. 
A headband and some cute ribbons; I would show my flower hairband but I couldn't find it!!! :-(

Next, moving onto jewelry- most people have a staple necklace or ring that they put on everyday automatically. But what about switching that out for something a little more statement-making? For instance, I love long dangly earrings or large studs, and they’re so readily available at stores like Target, Forever 21, Icing, etc., the hardest part is picking which one you want to wear that day! Also, a colorful watch is really fashionable and functional, especially for someone like me who always has to know the time, plus I need it after school for cross country! 
Some bracelets in my school colors, earrings, and a cute ice cream necklace!

Now how does it look all put together?

Much better! Note hand on hip and rolled up cuffs for added "baditude"- prep-style, of course! :)
Don’t be shy about mixing a whole bunch of stuff, especially with a uniform- as long as you don’t pile on a whole lot of stuff, the accessories will balance each other out! That’s all for today, but be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!!!


PS Special thanks to my parents for letting me borrow their closet- unfortunately, my own is not that big, nor does it have a full length mirror.


  1. I wish I could have done this to my uniform! None of those things were allowed at my school. It was a charter school where I got in trouble for having hair elastics on my wrist. God they were nazis.

  2. @PoorCollegeStudent- I get you! I hated my K-8 school, because we couldn't wear nail polish, we could only have 1 necklace, ring OR bracelet, our shoes could only be solid white, black, or navy blue, and we couldn't have socks lower than our ankle bone. It was ridiculous.


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