Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey everyone!

So you're probably wondering why my old blog is deleted, etc. but the fact of the matter is, I AM STUPID. I was going to delete an old google account, but silly me, I was signed in with my gmcbee13 account and deleted that one. It deleted everything, including my blog. And it's unrecoverable. So I'm starting over, it's still the same blog and everything, but I lost all my old posts and stuff, so please bear with me the next couple of weeks while I get everything sorted out.



  1. Well that is HORRIBLE! well im your first follower!
    return the favor and follow back?

  2. that is terrible!! you should enter my giveaway! i re-followed your blog!

  3. Oh no! How devastating! Thanks for following me!

  4. :( That's awful. I re-followed you!
    And I'm sorry to have forgotten, but was it the Revlon concealer you asked me to review? Your comment got deleted with your blog LOL. I'm thinking it was that one.

  5. @everyone- Thanks so much for all of your support!!! It means so much to me and I would not be doing this without all of you guys. Everything will hopefully be back to normal soon.
    And Steph- yes, it was the Revlon concealer I asked you to review. Thanks. :)


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