Monday, July 26, 2010

Collective Haul

Hey everyone!

Well, after a day and a half of frantic searching, I found my computer charger (long story, but I thought I had left it in Florida...yeah...) and I can now *finally* post my collective haul from that trip. And let me tell you, I am really pleased with what I got!

Clockwise from nail polish:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in Green with Envy- I just posted my review on it on Saturday, so go check it out!

Maybelline Color Sensational lipgloss in Plumtastic- I have a Color Sensational lipstick that I'm really pleased with, so when I saw this on sale for $4.98 at Target I picked it up. I chose the plum color because it's something I've been wanting to try but didn't really want to try as a lipstick.

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser- I needed a new cleanser and was recommended this one by Jamie at Maquilagem Masstige. It's really gentle and is also a makeup remover, bonus! I also really noticed that my face hasn't been too oily, which might just be me but then again it could be because of this cleanser.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation- I picked up this foundation because, well, I just wanted to try something new and the texture of this fascinated me. It goes on really smooth, almost like a mousse-to-powder finish, and really makes my skin stay matte.

Bath and Body Works Travel Mirror and Makeup Bag- Aren't they darling? Actually, one of my teammates who is going to college this year (and playing for them, I might add) has been with the team for a really long time and gave each of us one of these. It was so sweet, so thank you so much Katie! Both items are really handy, and I can definitely see putting this in my backpack for touch-ups come schooltime.

I'll review the makeup products once I've finished testing them, so check back for those later!

Lastly, on the way to Florida, we made a side trip to Slidell, Louisiana (I have some cousins there, and let me tell you, they are some of the most fun people in the world to be with), a suburb of New Orleans. Saturday, we actually made a trip into the Big Easy  because my sister and I had never been there. We hit up all the touristy places- the French Quarter, Jackson Square, Bourbon Street (which was fun, but it STINKS), the Moonwalk, D-Day Museum, Cafe DuMonde, etc; basically staying in the nicer parts. What was cool (to me at least) was that in all the little shops they had really pretty Mardi Gras masks. These really appealed to my dramatic side (I love the glamour of masquerade, plus they're just plain pretty) so I got one! It ties around my head, and I love the glitter detailing around the eyes; it really makes them stand out!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think? Comment!



  1. You should definitely show what that lip gloss looks like on your lips sometime! I love plum-colored lips. :)
    That mask is GORGEOUS.

  2. I love that mask! Everyone I know is going to New Orleans this month I don't know why! SO glad you like the cleanser!

  3. Nice Haul!!! Love the makeup bag.

  4. @Steph- I will! It's a really pretty gloss, I'm just not sure how to wear it. And thanks :)

    @PoorCollegeStudent- Thanks so much! That's really funny, because last week, when I was in Florida, a bunch of my friends were there (all separately though) and my friend said basically the same thing. :)

    @Steph- Thanks! I think it's available on the B&BW website still, if you're interested.

  5. let me know how you like that lipgloss!
    really cute!
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    follow for follow?

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  7. @Jazzsquared and Macksquared- I will! To both :)

    @edk.dolce- No problem!

  8. That mask is cool - I'd love to go to one of those masked balls or parties (don't they have them in Venice?)! Anyway, I think Neutrogena has great products, I should try this cleanser!

  9. everything that you got looks super lovely, and I must go out and get that nail polish! :)

  10. @Cafe Bellini- I would too! That's like one of my, I love that whole glamourous stuff. Just a word of advice- the cleanser is really nice, but it can be a little drying.

    @Caitlin- You should! I think you would like it :)


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